From the Peak of Mt. Kurodake !

 by Kazu

I do not think that Mt. Kurodake has a cater from where lava had splashed before but the rocks on the top of the mountain apparently seemed to be made of lava.
In Hokkaido, the vertical limit for plants is much lower than the main island of Japan. That is why tourists can enjoy seeing the highland plants easily.
The hillside near the peak is so steep that the steep hillside near the peak could not be seen clearly from the peak.


Over the cloud !

by Kazu

 The wind blew the cloud and the hillside with the stripe of white and dark green could be seen a little bit through the window  in the cloud.
Can you see the garden of deities called "Kamuimintara" in the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
It is impossible for human beings to live in this area but the scenery completely different from the habitat of human beings made us convinced of our too little existence in the world.


Barren Peak of Mt. Kurodake !

by Kazu

Almost no plant on the peak of Mt. Kurodake. From the barren and rocky surface of the top of the mountain, green and white hillside of other mountains should be seen through the cloud.
But white fog prevented me from watching around the scenery from the peak of the mountain.
The trail to the peak of Mt. Asahidake that is the highest in Hokkaido could not be seen on that day and the huge rock extended to the air pretended to be the way to other peaks. Dangerous ! 


From the peak of Mt. Kurodake !

 by Kazu

It might be the first time for me to reach a peak of  mountain alone without my wife after our marriage. I felt a kind of independence for a few minutes.
 The steep hillside covered with snow had been a little bit too tough for my wife if she had accompanied.
Trekking in that season should be completed by myself, I thought. It was tall order to shake up her courage on such hillside.


Peak of Mt. Kurodake !

 by Kazu

Usually it takes about one hour to reach the peak of Mt. Kurodake from the upper side station of the ski lift. I reached to the peak for about one hour on that day too via the different route .
 Looking down other peaks of mountains from the summit, I felt I should try the route from there to the peak of Mt. Asahidake that is highest in Hokkaido. 
 Every time I see the photo of myself, I feel I am aged enough but before losing my enthusiasm and zeal, I should try exploring like my friend in Canada. Norm, what do you think about it !
A former world trekker may not become a global explorer any more.


Crawling up the steep hillside covered with snow !

by Kazu

It was first time for me to step forward straight to the peak of a mountain. I guessed we should thank enough to the trail builder who arranged the trail so nicely for trekkers.
I could find no fear of landslide nor avalanche on that day but was convinced that I should be careful stepping upward. 
I had to remember clearly      the  route of the original trail not to be lost on the hillside.


Crawling up to the peak of Mt. Kurodake !

by Kazu

I started to go up the hillside of Mt. Kurodake covered with snow. The scenery from the hillside was so nice and the chilly breeze cheer me up.

It seemed that the normal trail shaped like switch-back rail was covered with snow. So I crawled up the hillside straight to the peak.
It was a little bit tough to take the shortest route to the peak albeit the usual trail is easy to step forward. I felt a kind of danger on the hillside.