Winners 2 !

by Kazu

Team Heilongjiang and Korea followed the Team Alberta in that tournament. The second winners got 250,000 Japanese Yen.
The third got 100,000 Japanese Yen. Curlers  can not get so much money in the games. They do notmake ends meet with the money they got in the curling games.
They need understandings and support from their families, colleagues and superiors. In such situations, the beauties of Alberta won the games.


Men's Winners from Alberta, Canada !

by Kazu

Young handsome curlers from Alberta, Canada won the games competing with curlers from Korea, Germany, Japan.
 Actually, they were the junior class of Alberta but they had experienced harsh competition in their province Alberta and whole Canada.
The organizer of Hokkaido Curling Classic 2016 did not seem to expect this result but secretly I was proud of their performance as a caregiver  of the team. 


Winners !

by Kazu

Hokkaido Bank Curling Classic 2016 was closing with the awards ceremony. Results ?
Curlers from Germany, Korea, Hokkaido, Heilongjiang and Alberta competed.
 Korean team won the games of Hokkaido Bank Curling Classic 2015. But in 2016, the curling teams of Heilongjiang, China and Alberta, Canada was invited to the games.
The curlers with blue uniform was called as the winner of the games. It was the junior curling team from Alberta. They got one million Japanese yen and the fame.


Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang !

by Kazu

We really enjoyed the night together with the friends from Alberta, Canada.
 A Japanese fairy with Japanese traditional attire "yukata" fascinated my friends so much with her dance.
The next day, we watched the curling games heating up and took photos of the curlers shooting the stone as well as the friend from Heilongjiang.
Happy !


In the mood !

 by Kazu

I think my wife worked so much in establishing a special relationship the Ikedas and Albertan athletes as well as the provincial government of Alberta.
With my ability to recognize the things around me, my camera started to give the special effect to the photos as if they were the scenery in dreams. 
 Like the scenery in the fog, the frame of the tangible building seemed to be vague and disappearing from the world. It is so nice memories for my wife and myself.


My friend from Alberta !

by Kazu

It seemed that my friend from Alberta liked my wife so much that he asked me to escort the beauties from Alberta to the souvenir shop in Sapporo Beer Garden.
I took some photos of my wife and friend and left there with Albertan beauties, thinking something is wrong.
When I came back from the souvenir shop, my friend was bringing a pint of beer from the beer stand and looked so satisfied.

Encounter with the fairies !

BY Kazu

It seemed that we should wrap up the happiest hours at Sapporo Beer Garden. I will not be able to forget this beautiful scenery.
 It was getting cooler than the sunset of that day. The Albertan beauties went to souvenir shop and bought something good for their family.
My friend Scott urged me to take the Albertan beauties to the souvenir shop because he wanted to talk with my wife like this !