Nukabira Onsen Village !

 by Kazu

Again, this outside spa is for both of males and females. Please abide by the manner to enjoy bathing and the sound of the creek.
 These rocks are not fake and I was wondering from where these rocks were conveyed to this premises.
This is the outside bath of the main spa of the hotel. It was comparatively small. Nowadays, it is prohibited to carry in the smart phone in the bath so please check up the rule of each spa if you would like to take photos.


The Main Hot Spring Spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel !

by Kazu

This is the main hot spring spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel. The same creek could be seen from the window of the inside bath. Staying for a week in the hotel is my dream, to be honest.
I was so lucky that I could enjoy the silence in the woods and the spa.Nobody was there other than me.
The design of the spa and the layout of the rocks were so nice. It was like a hidden place to ease the pain. But please be careful and watch your steps. The floor was so slippery.


Naked in the forest !

 by Kazu

No mosquito annoyed me during my bathing in the outside bath.Cooling down my hot body after bathing was so comfortable with the wind and the sound of the creek flow.
Feeling the air exhaled by the trees of the forest, completely i was so  refreshed and energized. Green shade gave me soft light and peace of mind.
I do not think that people who do not stay in the hotel  can enter the area because it is not the stage for nudists.


Hot Spring Bath Outside to Inside !

by Kazu

really enjoyed the outside hot spring spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel without the existence of other guests. I was getting hungry and thirsty after ample perspiration in the spa.
So many photos and paints were displayed on the wall of the isle to the inside hot spring spa.
Enough space was there for the guests waiting for their partners and family. A few guests were staying in the hotel on that day.


Soaking in the green !

 by Kazu

Can you imagine yourself soaking your body in this hot spring bath surrounded by the woods ? Please try once and you will be fascinated by the atmosphere and everything.
 The creek was flowing through the green of plants and trees. Covered with the leaves of plants, so many creatures might be breathing there.
I was wondering if the guests of the hotel had to wander there with their naked bodies.


Outside Hot Spring Bath of Nukabira Kanko Hotel !

by Kazu

This stairs are the  way to the outside hot spring bath beside the creek on the premises of Nukabira KankoHotel in Kami-Shihoro High Land. 
 This hot spring bath is for males and females. The sounds of the creek flow made me relaxed and comfortable.
 The deck from the hotel to the hot spring bath has a relaxation area for the people who want to cool down their bodies.


Stuffed Animals in Nukabira Museum !

by Kazu

There are raccoon dogs even in Hokkaido but not so much in comparison with northern fox, I think. Ermines and sables were raised up for their fur in Hokkaido. 
Weasels can not be seen nowadays in Hokkaido. This is the outlook of Nukabira museum. Wooden wall of the museum is very nice and smells good.
Camping site and bus pool are near the museum. Cars are the best way to reach the museum but buses are also available. Would you spend hours in the museum in the woods ?


Japanese Beetles !

by Kazu

Elephant Beetle and Caucasus Giant Beetle are also popular among the kids. But girls are not so keen to collect beetles, I think.Such green scenery can be seen from the window of the museum.
These are Japanese stag beetles called Miyama Kuwagata and Nokugiri Kuwagata. Miyama means deep in the mountain, Nokogiri means saw in Japanese.
Moth is not so popular but some kinds of them produce quality silk and cocoon that can be used for making vaccination.


Insects in Nukabira Museum 2!


 by Kazu

Please do not worry. They are not roaches.A variety of stuffed stag beetles were displayed on the wall of Nukabira Museum. If possible, I want to see them moving around in the woods.
 I think kids are crazy for stag beetles and rhinoceros beetles as I was before.Hercules Giant Beetle is the biggest in the world but other kinds of huge beetles are also popular even in Japan.Big beetles such as Atlas Giant Beetle, Goliath Giant Beetle, are in the top ten in popularity, I think. Scarab is also in the group but it is a little bit difficult to raise the beetle because it requires tons of crap as food.



Insects in Nukabira Museum !

by Kazu

Nukabira Museum seemed to be so nice and new. Indulging in the facility may be so nice but I am not sure how many tourists staying in the area spend their time in the museum.
For kids and me, the facility is a wonderland to spend hours in it. As you may know, we are crazy for insects, in particular beetles.
Not only the insects including the beetles living around the area, the ones from overseas were displayed in the museum. Indian red big stag beetle is my favorite!